Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

First things first: if you are looking for home made Nutella recipes, you’re lost here 🙂

This has nothing to do with Nutella and the only thing they have in common is hazelnuts and chocolate

I must admit though, this has started off as an attempt for Nutella, however it deviated into something more beautiful in my opinion.

I saw tons of posts about making your own Nutella and when I got to read the label of one of those jars of divine goodness I understood what the frenzy about home made Nutella was about… Too many chemicals again in one little jar.

However, I am more into the darker shades of chocolate. So why not make up something different that incorporates the tastiness of Nutella and the mature taste of dark chocolate? With a lot less of the sugary after taste?

So here we go:

Step 1: Hazelnut shopping:

I found a 100g pack in the Supermarket and they have cost me around 35 LE. So again if you are looking to making a more economic variation, I really don’t even think it’s possible with real hazelnuts anymore 😦

I found the hazelnuts already peeled which is a very happy thing for the lazy person that I am.. if you don’t find those however the peeling process is quite easy.. Just blanch the hanzelnuts in hot water and then slide off the peel.. easy peasy..


They may look tiny now, but after you whizz ’em up a little they will look just like that:


At this point keep buzzing this beautiful hazelnut meal into a paste just like below:


Step 2: extract the oils from the hazelnuts by continuing to pulse:


at this point the mixture will be clingy at the sides of the processor so stop in between pulses to scrape it.

Step 3: add a tablespoon of good quality dark cocoa powder:


If it can still take on some more cocoa go ahead and add some more.

If it feels too crumbly you’ve added too much cocoa powder though.. don’t worry, it could still be saved. Add on some tiny drizzle of a neutral vegetable oil and keep the processor going.

To sweeten up the mixture, add a teaspoon of honey. You can add more if you like it more sweet. As usual, honey can be substituted with stevia or corn syrup.. although I would in fact always go for honey.

Step 4: Into a sterilized glass jar:


The 100 gms of hazelnuts filled up half the small jar so that’s in fact a fairly decent amount. It can last up to a week in your fridge if you can resist going in with a spoon every little while 🙂



Update: when storing, it can happen that you find some oils on the top of the jar with more of the spread’s solids at the bottom.. this will be especially the case if you add on liquid oil in the mixing process. That’s nothing to worry about at all, just stir it up a little and you are good to go.