Review: L’Eclair Paris Vegan Eclairs

L’Eclair Paris has taken Cairo by the storm for some time.. and this was very legit.

When good quality ingredients and so much passion flow into every eclair crafted by L’Eclair Paris, it’s only expected that the eclairs will be delicious and that is mostly the case.

And while I have tried a whole lot of eclairs from L’Eclair Paris, it’s their most recent product that had my attention: Vegan Eclairs.

Before I saw the ad on Facebook,  I was trying to figure out a way myself to make a vegan eclair or profiterole, but as soon as I saw L’Eclair Paris are making it, I knew I had to try that.

The first unpleasant experience was the fact that they were already sold out!

So I went back the next day and found only one box of mini vegan eclairs available. I did not hesitate 🙂


The box contained several flavors:

1- coconut & cream
2- strawberry
3- caramel
4- chocolate

The downside was the amount of each flavor: there was mostly coconut & cream and less caramel and chocolate and the least were the strawberry variation.

Whereas I am a coconut lover, the cream was just not my favorite part, so 1/3 of the box was not for me.

The strawberry was beyond my expectation: I am usually quite skeptical when a strawberry flavored dessert is a screaming red or pink color, however in this case it was just perfect. The strawberry flavor was delicious both as the filling cream and the glaze.

The chocolate was up to my chocolate-addict expectations. A real good quality dark chocolate is used here and the chocolate cream filling is divine.

The best of all variations though was caramel… It was so good I wasn’t even sure it’s vegan anymore. Sweet, but not over the top sweet. Caramelly and sticky but not too hard or crunchy. Just perfect.

On the texture side, I found the eclairs to be a little tougher and chewier than the usual. This is either because of the difference in ingredients used – after all there’s no egg nor butter here, or it was just kept in a fridge for too long.
In all cases, for a vegan product it was more decadent than I expected and burst with a lot of really interesting flavors.
If you are fasting, or decided to go vegan, I highly recommend these eclairs to satisfy your sweet tooth





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