An All You Can Eat Sushi Experience – Kai Sushi

So we were roaming around the mall, not particularly interested in anything and starving.. we came across the large sushi convoy and we immediately knew what we are having for lunch today! Kai Sushi

My husband and I are huge fans of fusion sushi.. not necessarily straight up Japanese sushi, although I do like a bit of sashimi every now and then… But we are a little too attached to the one place we always go to and changing is really hard, especially with a few unfortunate experiences in the past.

Today, we found this really spacious spot, with an ongoing convoy of small sushi plates with lots of variety, so we decided to give it a go, especially at the price they offer for an all you can eat.. (266 EGP, incl. taxes and service charge per person).. we had little to lose.

So, we started off with two appetizers that the waiter has so gently brought off the convoy for us being new customers.. The spring rolls were pretty normal, but what I liked a lot was the shrimp wrapped up in fried pastry


The tender shrimp inside and the super crunchy pastry outside are complementing each other so well, and it is seasoned just right. It may not look very appealing, but tastes delicious.

Moving on, we started with the sushi itself. We picked a few pieces.. I was trying to count, but lost count halfway through and back then I alone had already made 30 pieces of sushi disappear 🙂

I took pictures of those rolls that I found were really good, which means the rest of the sushi (and I mean there’s so much variety there) is good, but it’s what you can get elsewhere too.


Kai carries nigiri in several basic options: Crab stick, salmon and shrimp.
I only tried the shrimp, but found it very well executed. The shrimp itself is so tender yet well cooked and the rice complemented it beautifully. Simple and straightforward, but certainly done right.

Off to a good start, let’s go on:


The issue is, I don’t know the name of the individual rolls, so let’s call that the Philadelphia roll. It has the shrimp on the outside, something I haven’t seen yet in my favorite sushi places, also has crab sticks inside with cucumber and cream cheese.
A winning combination every time.


This roll owes its triangular shape to another famous roll called Hanami Roll that is available in Mori Sushi. It tastes really similar to it, except without the salmon and avocado.
A very good execution of this popular roll with real fresh shrimps and cream cheese inside. What I am not very much a fan of is the panko around the edges. I totally believe Panko has nothing to do in a proper sushi roll, not even in a fusion roll.

At the back, you can also probably spot that one piece of sushi lingering on a bright red plate. This is one of the best rolls. It’s a shrimp and salmon maki and it simply tastes divine.. so good, we kept taking it off the convoy whenever they appeared.


This roll right here is what I believe would have made the better “Hanami roll”. It’s a generous piece of salmon with a bit of tempura shrimp, cream cheese, fried sushi rice, nori and a slice of salmon again. Incredibly delicious and bursting with freshness.


This again is a very famous roll in all fusion sushi shacks. It comes under the names “Spicy lemon roll” or “spicy sour roll”. At Kai, it’s a lot more like the spicy lemon roll, and far less the spicy sour roll. Why? It’s missing my favorite ingredient: Dill.
But this does not mean, it’s bad. It’s in fact very delicious. The sourness added to the sriracha mayonnaise, with the crispy tempura and fresh shrimps make a perfect combo.


Here comes the star. Shrimp, red chili, real hot sriracha and black sesame seeds. This is the best roll I tasted all through the experience, and I never ate something like that before.
It could have been a tad less spicy, however even in that form it was super delicious.

To sum up, here’s a list of all things I liked:

  • the place: Point 90 mall, overlooking a palm-studded area outside. The seats are comfortable, the convoy quick and always full and the tables have a power socket built in for your convenience! Smart
  • the freshness, especially of the shrimps.
  • the staff is very friendly, and when they spot a new customer they hurry to help. They even asked what we normally eat in other places and a few minutes later we found the equivalent of all our favorite rolls next to us
  • the plates are very colorful which is quite appetizing.

and things  I didn’t like so much:

  • the crab sticks are quite dry. I am not the biggest fan of crab sticks, and particularly for that reason: if they stay a little bit out, they get very dry and chewy.
  • No Tuna, Eel nor avocado (except for that one roll).
  • No fusion nigiri, only three basic types

One thing I need to mention: They offer you a complementary fruit salad at the end of your meal:


I was so full on sushi and not able to eat it so  I only took a picture 🙂

All in all, the experience was very nice, and we have every intention to go back for more sometime.


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